Welcome to NENCA! 

The company is not longer working

This is a site about the former company NENCA but now more

 a private site for Kina NENzelius and Curt CArlsson.

The little company have had three "legs":

GIS-consulting (FME, Information modelling, etc. 25-year in GIS-business in Sweden and abroard)

Travelling arrangements (China with focus on Shandong)

Writing and PR(Culture, turism, etc)

If we do anything of this above, it is now only as a hobby not as business!


The private part has reports from travelling, mountain hiking and hobbies

Example of mountain hiking stories: "Sarek the easy way"


The site is in Swedish but on the private part it is quite a lot of pictures.

Please write to: curt.carlsson@hotmail.com if you find anything you interesting or wrong